photo biz & art coach

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.” Pablo Picasso

Having another set of eyes look over your work and business practices can be a huge help to keep you on track for making your business a successful one. I can be of help to you there. Hung out my shingle and been a pro since ’95 (that’s 1995 not 1895!) and was learning and practicing photography for about thirteen years prior to that time.

Been sharing and speaking from Hawaii to the Caribbean presenting programs from National platforms like PPA & WPPI to state organizations and local photo groups.

How may I help you?
• Improve Photography Skills
• Personal or Small Group Photoshop Lessons
• Review Competition Images
• Marketing Ideas and Plans
• Business Coaching

Coaching rates are $125 per hour*. Let’s put together a plan for you. Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly or every other month we’ll take the time to set up a plan and show you how to work the plan that holds you accountable for getting projects done. You will grow exponentially when you work in this fashion.


ABSOLUTELY! If you aren’t happy after we work for the first hour just say, “Not working for me Bob…” And there will be no charge. No hard feelings. No problem. I only want to work with people who want to work and are happy with my service so you get a chance to try it out at no charge.

* Sign on for a 6 month or yearly plan for reduced rates. Let’s talk!

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