world photographic cup

World Photographic Cup

I was excited to receive a call while on vacation with my wife in New Mexico from PPA headquarters. They were calling to share the news that I was named to the Top Ten in the Illustrative Category. I learned I was eligible for a Grand Imaging Award. Unfortunately, I did not earn a GIA Award but I was named to the World Photographic Cup – Team USA It was quite and honor to have an image be recognized at that level.

grand imaging awards at IUSAA  photo taken by a friend as I headed across the stage during the Grand Imaging Awards at the PPA Convention in Atlanta, Georgia last week.

Here’s a better look at the image. It was created using a macaw that I photographed at Sarasota Jungle Gardens in Florida. The bird was extracted from the scene and duplicated numerous times into a spiral nautilus composition. Texture, smoke, shadows and color layers were added to add more depth and dimension.

fine art imageThis is the final image.

macaw fine art imageHere is an earlier version on the way to the final.

originial macaw photoOriginal capture – Tech info from original capture Lumix GX7 Lumix Vario 35-100mm f2.8 1/250 sec f2.8 ISO 400

After selecting the bird from the background I used Adobe Photoshop Layers and a Step and Repeat technique you can learn more about here.

Yours in Creative Photography,     Bob

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