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Bob Coates

Successful Photographer is a site devoted to photography education, business and the Fine Art of Photography. The purpose is to hopefully give you a head start or a leg up in your photography business and keep you from making mistakes photographers who have gone before you have made.

I’ll be sharing marketing ideas to help get and keep your business in front of potential clients. I have reinvented my business several times so I believe I’ve made enough mistakes to save you some stumbles as you work on your photo business.

Want to learn how to make better imagery? I have a passion for teaching techniques and sharing ideas for making creative photos.

New technology is creeping up on us ever faster and while I’m not a techno-geek I will share my journey into the world of Micro 4/3rds cameras and their capabilities for stellar imaging and video capabilities. There are ways to make money with the video capabilities built into many cameras, whether Micro 4/3 or not without the steep learning curve of major video editing programs. (although I think I’m going there too!) I’ll be sharing my journey and process as I move some of my business in the Hybrid photography direction. You can do it too.

Let’s get together in person or on a ZOOM call and see how I may be of service.

May your photography art and business grow as much as you are willing to work on it!

“I am a really lucky person. I find that the harder I work the luckier I get.” Thomas Jefferson