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Milky Way & Night Sky Photography Workshop

“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.” – Theodore Roosevelt

 Below you’ll find testimonials about attendee’s experiences with the Milky Way and Night Sky Workshops. Some students also share images made during their time in Sedona, but it’s not required. When you have been in class I’d enjoy sharing your thoughts and work as well.

“Such an excellent workshop!  I’m so glad I attended the Milky Way Photography workshop with Bob.  He’s a veritable font of knowledge, full of “aha moments” and nuggets of wisdom that made me constantly slap my forehead and exclaim “How have I never thought of that before!?”  I’m so thrilled with the examples of work I got from the class and can’t wait to share them.  Plus, that Sedona landscape ain’t too shabby either! Highly recommend!”

Stephanie Millner, M.Artist.M.Photog.CR., CPP – Workshop attendee October 2023

stephanie Milner photo
stephanie milner photo

“Bob was knowledgeable on different cameras and was helpful in finding the needed camera settings for our cameras.  

Holding the course in the red rocks area of Arizona provided an excellent opportunity to implement all the techniques learned. I now feel confident in shooting the Milky Way and highly recommend the Bob Coates MW Photography Course.”

Cindy Hunt – Student July 2023 Workshop Attendee

“Bob, Thank you for your patience with my questions and carefully walking through all the steps with me, both in the field and during the lectures.  Your replies to questions before, during, and after the workshop, were amazingly fast!  You remembered every detail as you shared additional information or showed us other photography related gear or software which came up in our class discussions.

I truly appreciated the small class size. There was ample one-on-one time with you in the field at night, as we reviewed and put everything you taught us into practice.

Your sense of humor, and down to earth teaching style, made for a fun and relaxed learning experience, as well!”

 Jennifer Jeung – Workshop attendee October 2023

“Bob kicks off his Sedona Milky Way workshop with a wonderful welcome dinner that allows everyone to get to know one another in a low key way. That might sound routine, but I think it is key to his approach to teaching – he listens and wants to help you get better at what you want to do.  He doesn’t preach, but patiently explains different tools available and how to find what works for you. He makes technical and artistic suggestions but doesn’t present them as directives.  Plus he’s a pro with all kinds of equipment and guiding you to super shooting spots.”

Kim Cawley – Milky Way Workshop June 2024

Kim cawley milky way photo
Kim Cawley star trails image