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Bob Coates is an author and photography educator as well as photographer. Here are some images and links to articles written by Bob or about Bob for the photographic industry. Bob’s articles have appeared in the pages of Shutterbug Magazine, Professional Photographer Magazine, Rangefinder Magazine and other industry magazines as well as authoring a couple of books for Amherst Media.

Worked with a great family photographing them in front of the magnificent red rocks of Sedona. Cathedral Rock is the main feature in the background. This tutorial on photographing families in the ooutdoors is in Professional Photographer Magazine’s November issue.professional photograper magazine tutorial image


I was one of several photographers featured in an article in Shutter Magazine penned by Skip Cohen. The article is written for photographers who work in small businesses.

Shutter Magazine artcle image

Article in Professional Photographer Magazine sharing some ideas on creating artistic Fine Art Photography images that have a painterly feel. Blog post and story on

art of play image

Inspired by Ansel article on using new technology to create stronger Black and White images –
Rangefinder Magazine.

Rangefinder Magazine article picture

Article featuring techniques on compositing images – Professional Photographer Magazine web.

image of articlce by Bob Coates

AfterCapture Magazine article on extracting images using Adobe Photoshop Channels for placement into new scene.

image of article in Rangefinder Magazine

This article by Bob Coates highlights the design and thoughts on using business cards in the photography world. It also contains ideas on using the business card as a vehicle to promote any business. From October of 2000 and printed in Rangefinder Magazine. It’s an oldy but goody as the info is still appropriate today in 2013.

article photo protfolio in your pocket

A Rangefinder Magazine RF Cookbook article detailing the story behind creating the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ image.

rangefinder magazine article image

Professional Photographer Magazine web – Article on Search Engine Optimization.

picture of Article on Search Engine Optimization by Bob Coates in Professional Photograher

Article for PPA Magazine about Ken Sklute wedding photographer.

ken sklute artice imageThis was a review written for Professional Photographer Magazine.

article in PPA magazine

This tutorial on how to photograph Jewelry in a certain style using a technique to ‘float’ the jewelry using a rod pushed through a piece of translucent paper painted with watercolor ink was written for Shutterbug Magazine.

shutterbug magazine artice

Steve Simonsen underwater photographer from St John US Virgin Islands was featured in this article I wrote for Shutterbug Magazine.

shutterbug magazine article

The Bob Coates Photography cover story for Professional Photographer Magazine came about because the photograph of the vessel under full sail taken from an unusual angle was accepted in to the Professional Photographers of America Loan Collection. One of the editors saw the image and wanted it for the cover. I received a call, “Hi Bob we really like your sailing image would you mind if we used it on the cover of Professional Photographer Magazine? That’s OK? Great! If you have some other images and if can spare some time to answer a few questions we’d also like to make you the cover story.” Needless to say I agreed.

Just FYI helicopters can fly on their side but have to be spinning in a circle at the same time. I managed to fire off 5 frames on the pass over this boat in the middle of a Rolex Regatta in St. Thomas, USVI. This was the best of of the 5 images made.

PS: This was shot on Fuji Velvia slide film.

professional photographers of america cover ppa_pg_1 ppa_pg_2 ppa_pg_3 ppa_pg_4 ppa_pg_6 ppa_pg_6a

This article showing an artistic Adobe Photoshop technique was written for Photo Electronic Imaging Magazine (PEI)   article for PEI magazine page 38

article for PEI magazine page 39 article for PEI magazine page 40

Pro Lighting Series – Night Shots Cover. A guide to Professional Lighting Techniques  by Alex Larg and Jane Wood. This is a series of books highlighting images by different photographers showing techniques that stand on their own. Published by RotoVision.

picture of cover of NIght shots

Image spread from Pro Lighting Series – Beach

article from Night Shots book by Bob Coates

Image spread from Pro Lighting Series Night Shots – Fireworks

picture of article of Night shots

Image spread from Pro Lighting Series NIght Shots – Black Light

image of night shots book article

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