Bob Coates speaking photosFind me ‘On the Road’ or online presenting a photography seminar at the following venues. None near you? Contact me if you have a photography group. Let’s chat! Look below for current bookings to check out some of the programs available. “The photographic artistry of Bob Coates is as diverse as it is excellent.  His work spans the gamut from gritty character studies to scenic landscape images and from fine art still life images to real life essays.  To capture such a broad range of imagery is rare, but to do this with unprecedented craftsmanship is surreal… but that is exactly what you get from a Bob Coates image. “ Steve Kozak – M.Photog.Cr., CPP “Bob, Wanted to say thanks for your educational program at TN. Rarely do I sit through a technical Photoshop program simply because it seems very little real information is given. Often it seems the instructors are more concerned with impressing you with their great knowledge instead of imparting knowledge to attendees. You gave concrete, usable, easy to understand information that beginners and advanced users alike could benefit from. Kudos!      Thank you,”   Brad Cansler Text in RED is a link Need a speaker? Give me a shout. Let’s see what we can put together.
                                     —————————————————————— June 26 – 27, 2022 Arizona PPA Dark Skies of Sedona and the Milky Way More details or to get on the waiting list for this SOLD OUT event check here.

Sedona is a Dark Sky Certified Community. That makes it ideal for photographing the night skies. The red rocks don’t hurt as a foreground for the Milky Way either! Photographing the Milky Way is akin to playing a 4-D board game. There are lots of moving parts in play when capturing the night sky. The sun, moon, and Milky Way are all moving. The Galactic Center is the star of the solid Milky Way photograph. But, where will it be? At what time. How will I know in advance where to set up my camera for the best results? Coates will share ideas and concepts that will remove the mystery of the heavenly bodies shoot. This is a two-day event held on Sunday and Monday, June 26-27, 2022. We’ll meet in the afternoon on Sunday and go over concepts and ideas. Covered will be focusing techniques, pre-planning the shoot using PhotoPills and how to think through getting the foreground to work with the Milky Way Galactic Center. Ways to shoot and process still images as well as time lapse. Exposure settings for best results. Later we’ll scout some locations putting PhotoPills to use. Then, it’s out for dinner on your own followed by heading out to capture our images. I will offer several ideas on solid locations. You’ll be on your own to execute the lessons shared during the day as I can’t be at all locations at the same time. Monday morning we’ll look at post processing the previous night’s images. While our cameras can pick up lots of detail in the night sky, the images need some massaging to show all the starry treasures in the file. We will learn about making selections in Photoshop. Different areas of the images need different techniques. Many times the foreground needs to be processed separately as well.


Booking your programs and conventions for your photography organization? Under pressure to bring in quality speakers and jurors for the lowest price possible?? I understand having booked talent for many years at Arizona PPA.
Hopefully, I can be of help. Let’s see what we can put together. I am a PPA Approved Juror who is eligible to give Juror Evaluations to up and coming Jurors who have attended the PPA’s Judging School for your state convention. Photographers from Hawaii to the Caribbean have heard my programs & in 2014 PPA sold out two All Day Pre-Convention classes were presented by me at Imaging USA in Phoenix. There is a large variety of programming available from which to choose. Here is a sampling of programs available. If you need something else covered – let’s talk! I might put something together for you or put you in touch with the rest of the Luminary Speaking Team depending on your needs.        Best Regards,            Bob “Bob, I had the pleasure of spending a day with you at the recent Maryland Professional Photographers Association meeting and seminar. I have been photographing for 65 years and have been a professional for 23 years. I have the major “dingle dangles.” After attending more than 150 lectures and seminars, including college courses, I have to congratulate you for giving a very full day lecture at the top of the heap. You were entertaining and imparted knowledge with clarity and a sense of humor. I especially liked the way you separated your subjects into understandable catalogs. Your ideas concerning turning personal projects into moneymaking efforts inspired even an “old guy” like me. Long story short, I just wanted you to know you “done good!” and I hope to meet you again on the photo trail. All the best, Web” Webster Wright , Jr. WEB Photography, Annapolis LCDR USN (RET) PPA MASTER and Life Member, CPP, ASP Member, Maryland PPA Fellow

Nature, Landscape and Wildlife From Pre-Capture to Post Production and fine art in wildlife imagery

 I’ll be sharing the thought process on how I capture and process Landscapes, Wildlife and Nature images. Starting with the thinking behind gathering images and the final output the conversation will cover gear used and why. I favor micro 4/3rds camera and lens systems of Panasonic and Olympus. (but all techniques shared can be accomplished with any camera system) Camera supports can be of great help when making multiple exposures for panoramic, focus stacking and exposure bracketing image capture. Who knew that a tripod could help with camera artistry?? I’ll be showing how to leverage imaginative uses of Platypod and Fotopro tripod supports. Once images have made it to the sensor more creativity can be applied using software, Adobe Photoshop, NIK and Luminar and other filters and techniques. Stepping through post-processing including extractions, blending and artistic touches will be demonstrated as well.                                        ——————————————————————

Leveraging Today’s Technology for More Creative Images

We have more creative tools than ever built into our cameras. Apps to give us info before we get to a location. Weather information to help know where better image possibilities await. Camera gear is becoming lighter, faster and sharper than ever. Technology is making it possible for making more Creative Images than ever before. We can now remotely control the camera via wifi and see what the camera is seeing. Pull large still frames from 4K and 6K video, pick focus after the fact with focus stacking, create Time-lapse videos in camera. Capture an image after something has already happened. (I know it was hard for Bob to believe too!) Intelligent Auto can determine the subject matter and give pre-programmed settings so you can concentrate on composition. Let’s not forget post-processing techniques to work on the images after capture. It’s a great time to push the envelope! Bob will share how he’s combining the new tech from Olympus Cameras, Adobe Photoshop, NIK Filters, Luminar and Aurora 2019 HDR software.


Fine Art Photo-Synthesis

Taking your images to another level is one way to set yourself apart from other photographers. Bob has chosen to move his images to a more-painterly feel. He accomplishes this by fusing many images together utilizing a single subject blended with many textures from nature, decaying made-made items and everyday items found through serendipity. The result is an image that has depth and dimension and will often reveal different things to the viewer no matter how many times it is seen. Coates now refers to himself as a Lens Based Artist as all source material comes through a camera lens then all bets are off. See more of that work on his site here.                                        —————————————————————— “Bob is a remarkable photographer – impeccable craft and exquisite artistry!”  Thom Rouse “Bob’s Photographic Art has been a key component in being able to create the ambiance that we desired in our restaurant. We set out to create a European Bistro feel and without the synergistic art reflecting this it would have been almost impossible to achieve. Our guests enjoy browsing the art and are constantly complimenting our choice.”  Mark Charlesworth Owner Creekside Inn (former owner Dan’s Bistro)

Personal Projects – Why, How… And how to make Money by doing them.

You got into photography because you liked it. Enjoyed the challenge of creating new images… Then you turned it into a business and photography wasn’t quite as much fun anymore. Marketing, sales, building websites, printing, framing, retouching started to suck the joy right out of your life. Personal Projects can get you juiced again and help your business too! Bob will show you how he used these ideas to make photography fun again and earn money while you are at it. This is a program of creative ideas and techniques along with simple business marketing. They go hand in hand to help put your business back on track to the joy you first felt before you turned photography into a business.                                        —————————————————————— “We welcomed Bob Coates back to PIDE because he was a crowd pleaser. Last year, with 8 or 10 simultaneous classes to choose from, Bob’s room filled up.  This year, with five classes to choose from, once again Bob had a full room. A good communicator, he packs a lot of take-home value into a brief period, neither talking down to – nor above his audience. He clearly has a following in the photo industry. What better reasons are there for bringing back a speaker. . .”        Alice B. Miller Editor, Studio Photography & Design Editorial Director, Cygnus Imaging Group

Inspired by Ansel – Black and White File Processing

Adams would be a fan of digital imaging as evidenced by his quote from his 1985 Autobiography – “If I could return in twenty years or so I would hope to see astounding interpretations of my most expressive images. It is true no one could print my negatives as I did, but they might well get more out of them by electronic means. Image quality is not the product of a machine, but of the person who directs the machine, and there are no limits to imagination and expression.” We now have tools that allow almost infinite control of every tone in our images. Photoshop and NIK Color Efex and Silver Efex Pro 2 are three of Bob’s favorite software programs for turning pixels to black and white. There are some new capture techniques to add depth to your images too. Join Bob as he shares many techniques to make your black and white prints sing. “I love the fact that you’re picking up this wonderful holistic feel to each image…it’s appealing in your choice of textures, colors and subject matter. Ernie Brooks once said to me in regards to shooting black white under water, “Only in black and white can you feel the color, not just see it!” Your black and white work has a sense of drama, even a story line, while your color work has this wonderful almost soothing Asian feel. I’ve seen so much bad fine art in my life where the definition is nothing more than bad photojournalism…with your work it is art. There’s a feel to each image we looked at the other night, a Bob Coates version of Yin and Yang. You’ve also managed to capture moods and feelings with many of the images just by your choice of colors. While I loved the color work, all of us have our roots in black and white, and I loved the variation, in contrast, tonal range, and composition. Again, each image is a story all by itself. With The Last Stand, it was the contrast and strength of the image. Also, I love the fact that it’s so different from any of my other black and whites – no two photographers print the same way. With this image, I just loved the power of it and the bigger it gets, the more dramatic it’s going to feel.”          Skip – S. B. Cohen 

Marketing Essentials International and Founder of Skip Cohen University                                        ——————————————————————

Creating Good Light in Bad Conditions

Beat the noon day sun! Are you a modified Dracula? Do you run and hide when the sun gets up in the sky between 9 AM and 4 PM? Yes, it’s wonderful to photograph during the magic light hours but that limits the amount of time you have for making photographs. If you aren’t making photographs you aren’t making money. Bob had to devise a system for getting good light in bad situations because he lives in Arizona and the bright sun can be brutal. Some clients can only be photographed during harsh lighting conditions. What to do?? Looking at the Art and Science of taking studio lights and different modifiers to tame the light on location is an important part of this program along with discussion about the LANGUAGE of LIGHT.                                        —————————————————————— “Bob, I really enjoyed your class. You know, you will probably think this is silly, but it’s the little side comments made that give the “aha” moments. I am going to tie a string to my light with a little knot every 12″. What a simple way to handle the inverse square law. Great tips on using blend modes and selective sharpening on images, too. I enjoyed your casual but data-packed method of teaching. I couldn’t take notes fast enough!”     All my best,     Ellen Brantley “Hi Bob, Wow…what a crazy day today. Lots to learn and see. Anyways I’ve been waiting to write to you all day to thank you for an amazing experience yesterday at the Park shooting with you. Thanks for your time and for sharing your knowledge. I enjoyed the workshop and in looking forward to next year already.”    Regards,      Maria “Cary” Lozano PPA State and District Affiliate Imaging Juror Bob is PPA Approved Juror. In addition to judging in Colorado, New Mexico, New Jersey Florida, Montana, North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida and Arizona, I served at the PPA International Competition 2012, 2015, 2017 and judged at Western States District in 2013 and North Central in 2015.                                        —————————————————————— “I have observed Bob judge print competitions numerous times over the years, and in each instance it was obvious through his insightful critiques his strong dedication to the craft, Bob has a way of motivating the image-maker through his comments without a denigrating tone. I have also seen Bob listen carefully to his peers on the judging panel and clearly defend his evaluation of an image, while at the same time remaining open to adjusting his score where it was warranted. Bob’s articulate voice, professionalism, experience and true love for photography and teaching makes him stand out as a talented and respected judge.”    Bob Zimmerlich – M.Photog., CPP
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