Here’s some feedback from people who have attended my programs or worked with me in some way…

Fine arts photo training from you is not for the faint of heart as your class is kind of like drinking from a fire hydrant (in a good a way).  What’s clear is you know art, photography and the business thereof. Thanks for inspiring me. Thanks for sharing. Regards,”    Cortez A. Carter

“In a one day session Bob Coates delivered a high level view of how his businesses work along with a “deep dive” into his process and vision of creating photographic fine art. I am very glad that I chose to attend this session of SCU Summer School.  It helps re-enforce my feeling that I know I can be successful in the world of fine art photography.  It reminded my of some of my weak points in my business plan and firmed up my resolve.”
Bob Fairbairn – Bob Fairbairn Photography

“Hello Bob,
I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your presentation Monday evening.
It was a particularly great review of layer styles, blending modes, and the use of layer masks and layer opacities.
Those pearls of wisdom and expertise, coupled with your good humor and your inspiring art made for an enjoyable evening and a very instructive one. Thanks again.”     Lane Bigler

“Good morning Bob,
Your presentation last night was very inspiring. Some months I wonder why I drive all the way to Phoenix to hear information that hasn’t been very helpful. Last night made up for some of those months. As you were speaking I had all kinds of thoughts going through my head on how to incorporate some texture with more art form into my senior citizen portraits. Thanks again for all the years of help you have given me.”     Bruce Roscoe

“Last night’s presentation was great Bob. You are talented, inspired, and speak with contagious passion about your vision and work. Fun, entertaining, educational…thanks!”     Ken Johnson

“Dear Mr. Bob Coates,
I wanted to take a brief moment to extend my sincere gratitude for your helpful critique of the image of the Great Blue Heron (“Dragging My Feet”) that I submitted to this year’s PPA International Photographic Competition.
The information you provided was truly helpful and I appreciated your balanced approach!”
Kindest regards, Lisa A. Langell

“Hi Bob, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed, and learned from, your article in the November 12th 2012 PPA magazine. I was just going through my periodic clearing out of magazines and tearing out the articles I wanted to keep when I came across yours. A definite “keeper” Thank you.”    Angela Schapiro

“I have had the pleasure of sitting on judging panels with Bob on many occasions. He has the talent required to properly evaluate an image from a technical point of view as well as the sensitivity to express his appreciation of images that appeal to the heart and soul of the viewer. Bob is an articulate and disciplined juror, which is why I am confident in offering my opinion of Bob’s judging skills. Bob can do the job!” 
Rick Avalos M.Photog.Cr. PPA Approved Juror

“I enjoyed your talk before the Sedona Camera Club immensely.  To me it’s the best presentation we have had in – possibly years! My wife does some painting, and many are abstract.  These, too, are wonderful as textures for their colors and uniqueness.”     Gene Snyder

“I have observed Bob judge print competitions numerous times over the years, and in each instance it was obvious through his insightful critiques his strong dedication to the craft. Bob has a way of motivating the image maker through his comments without a denigrating tone. I have also seen Bob listen carefully to his peers on the judging panel and clearly defend his evaluation of an image, while at the same time remaining open to adjusting his score where it was warranted. Bob’s articulate voice, professionalism, experience and true love for photography and teaching makes him stand out as a talented and respected judge. Take care.”      Bob Zimmerlich

“Hi Bob,
Your program tonight was right on.  I have been in artwork of one type or another all my life (watercolor, acrylic, serigraphy, etc).  I took up photography only after digital came in and have been trying to make my photos look like paintings ever since.  I have an old Photoshop 7.0, and no Lightroom or other special software, but I have still been having fun “playing” with all the possibilities. Thank you for the inspiring presentation!”     Pat Heard

“Hi Bob,
Just wanted to say thanks for making the camera club a huge success last night.  They loved your presentation and couldn’t stop talking about it.  Wonder how many are actually going to try your technique…including myself.   But, if you send me a copy of your article, I might just be able to do something…something.  You’re amazing with your creativity. Good luck with your photos.”      Judy Lovlett

“Hello Bob,
Just wanted to say ‘THANK YOU’ for sharing your knowlege with us, I love convention time because it always brings amazing speakers in (like yourself) to share your ideas, techniques, experience…. & let us all know you didnt start off ‘perfect’! I also, enjoyed being apart of the print salon staff, I learned so much about the behind the scenes & how much you judges are involved! (great to hear each judges perspectives on prints-you guys Rock!) I wish I would have a chance to sit down & chat with ya more other than lunch (I’m the ‘red head’ with the butter knives from lunch!….heee…heee….heee!), but those last 4 days were soooo jammed packed with info. (from 7am-10pm) that at the end of the day(s), I found myself exhausted! Again, Thanks for coming to MT & sharing your Photographic Expertise! I know for me it was extremely helpful! Hope you have a great summer & hope our paths cross in the future! =)  Sincerely,          Gracie Duffy-O’Brien – GD Photography

“Hey Bob,
You did such an awesome job this weekend in NC during your program.

So many great down to earth ideas we can use right away in our business. So many photographers out there are wasting money on analog type advertising like paper yellow pages your offer to be a personal mentor is a real deal Thanks for your help”     Bill Goode

Thank you Bob,
A Lot of Value in a Concise and Compact Package

Having been involved in the field of Photography since the early sixties, I have had the opportunity to to see this Industry stretch its wings and grow, over a period of time nearly covering half a century. So when something good hits the ground running, my ears perk up.

Not only has our illustrious industry gone through many growing cycles spawned by advents in technology, our customers have become more savvy of what can be produced and may have a very good idea of the value of what we, as photographers can provide, in the quality of our service and in our end products.

The bottom line is, we must become experts at our marketing and sales strategies and must have a personal and business calendar generous in educational opportunities.

As one might well imagine there is a boatload of information available for Professional and Amateur Photographers alike, along the lines of Artistic and Business development. And sometimes you really get a lot more value than you might think for the price of admission. Which brings me to the point of this commentary.

If you are wondering how to effectively market your Photography Business and be tidy with your expenditures, Bob Coates’ Successful-Photogrpher: Marketing, Business and the Art of Photography, packs a wallop of very specific information and examples on exactly what the Title implies and Bob’s commentary is both humorous and informative.

With taking my purchase of Bob’s DVD, CD set seriously enough to listen, I am left with the feeling that I have made a very worthwhile investment in my time to carefully hear and apply his well thought and valuable recommendations, and as well in my very reasonable for value gained, monetary investment.

Well Done, Bob!

Sincerely,      David Lloyd – David Lloyd Photography

I just wanted to write you a quick note to say that I REALLY enjoyed your seminar at the PPNC Convention this week. I left another seminar to see yours and it turned out to be some of the best education I received at the convention. I got so many great ideas from you and I’m looking forward to implementing as many of them as I can.  I also learned a lot from hearing your analysis at the print competition as well. I hope to have the opportunity to attend another of your seminars soon!  Best of luck to you.”         Grant Blair, – Idlewild Photography

Thank you so much for teaching and sharing your talents at SCU! You made the class a lot of fun and it was most worthwhile. I felt like I was sitting in front of a fire hydrant of knowledge and teaching! But you made it possible to soak up all the learning. Thanks again!        Cheers,”       Kaylene Fister – Southern Kiwi Photo

“HI Bob,
Thanks for the help today. My head is spinning with ideas and little details. I looked into ‘puppet warp’ and that’s something to explore! I really appreciate your help and advice.   Thanks again,”     Stuart Hasson – Stuart Hasson Studios