may flowers

Sedona has had a very wet (for us) spring and the result has been lots of flowers flourishing, in the wild and in the gardens. As you may remember I write a column for the local monthly paper, The Villager, … Continue reading

photography marketing writing articles for newspaper

Keeping your name in front of your potential clients is job when when you are in business for yourself. If you have writing skills you can reinforce your status as the go-to photography person and stay front of mind by … Continue reading

good results in imaging competition part tres

Lets review before we go further… Enter Professional Photographers of America or PPA Affiliate type judging to get feedback on your imaging. Try to attend the judging live. Or watch online if that’s available. Order critiques if available. Learn. Put … Continue reading

kudos to Bob coates photography

Well I must say this gave me a surprise! I didn’t even know I was in the running… The Readers of Kudos Entertainment Magazine in Sedona, Arizona voted me as the Best Photographer for the year Two Thousand and Fourteen. … Continue reading