tuesday painterly photo art – kost pt 2

Tuesday painterly Photo Art – Julianne Kost Part 2 Julianne keeps pushing in new directions. In In Part One of Julianne in this blog, we spoke of her Adobe Photoshop Evangelism which is her primary job. No that’s not a … Continue reading

photography book review – after the camera

¬†Photography Book Review After the Camera, by Thom Rouse Digital Transformations for Conceptual Nude & Portrait Photography Way more than a How-to, After the Camera, is a peek into the mind of a wonderfully creative artist. You can’t help but … Continue reading

book review visual palette

Visual Palette Book Review Lots of information and detail. That’s what I look for in a book. Are you a photographer just getting started? Find yourself in a photographic rut? Getting the same old photographs from iconic places? And this … Continue reading

sunday photo/art quote 9/13

What are your goals when you make a photograph? I came across this quote from Robert Farber (see his work here) and thought it was worth a share and some thinking on this Sunday morning. “I try to create emotion … Continue reading

essence of photography book

Reminders. New ideas. Insight from another photographer who has excellent skills. And, some pretty darn nice photography all wrapped up in a beautiful package. I’m talking about Bruce Barnbaum’s book The Essence of Photography – Seeing and Creativity published by … Continue reading