lumix GM1 in action

Gotta tell ya’ this is some pretty freakin’ amazing technology. LUMIX GM1 I wasn’t working but happened to have this camera in my pocket just to make sure I had one with me and thought I’d give the video a go just for kicks. Got it home and was amazed. Put it into Adobe Photoshop’s CC timeline for a quick edit and here it is. You don’t need a lot of gear and editing programs to get some good stuff. After seeing this and some other images I would not hesitate to keep the GM1 camera on hand as a back-up to my other Lumix cameras for video or still capture!

 Miller, Martin and Ki Live at Sound Bites Grill In Sedona, Arizona. Video captured live with Lumix GM1

If I was doing this for a paid job I’d obviously have a recorder from the sound board getting quality sound without the crowd noise but I was happy with this.

The musicians were Robin Miller on lead guitar and vocals, Susannah Martin on percussion and Patrick Ki on guitar. AKA Miller, Martin & Ki. Sound Bites Grill in Sedona, Arizona was the venue.