musician photography

Studio Photography of a Harp Musician I enjoy working with creative people. It’s a blast. Creative folks tend to bring an extra little something to the photo session. I was working with Sedona musician Peter Sterling the other day. He … Continue reading

splash photography

Water Droplet Splash Photography I’ve always wanted to attempt water droplet photography. And now I have! It’s kinda like photographing fireworks in that you never are quite sure what you are going to capture when the shutter is fired, but … Continue reading

location shoot with fillex brick p-100

I was called on to capture some in-situ art pieces. The mandate was to show the pottery as art but also in place as decor. Of course budget was a concern as is often the case in shoots like this. … Continue reading

hows your head shot

We all use social media to promote our photography business. But, I ask how do you show up? Do your have a professional portrait that shows that you value professional photography? Or, have you posted a snapshot, or worse, a … Continue reading