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bobs talkin

Bob’s A’Talkin’ This Week – Part One

Photofocus Podcast

I was on the Photofocus Podcast Beyond Technique. A podcast empowering photographers to bring their business to the next level, with my buddy Skip Cohen and Chimera Young this week. These were some of the topics we covered in a little over 30 minutes. You can listen below.

How being diverse in your photography skillset can be a strong asset, and how it can actually enrich your work. The multiple types of photography that go into a single wedding gig. The important role that networking plays in the success of your photography busines. The role that constant education plays in the development of every photographer. How business and marketing skills are instrumental in a successful photography business.

Listen to all that and more by clicking the link below.

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Photofocus Beyond Technique Podcast

Chamira Young
Chamira will readily admit it: she’s an art nerd, Photoshop geek, and photographer with an obsession for productivity and creativity. Through online teaching and podcasting, she loves helping other creative minds become more successful by empowering them with the knowledge and inspiration to up their game. Currently, is the hub of her creative mischief. It branches out to her other projects, and allows her to be an artist, photographer, podcaster at, and online course creator. You can also find her on Twitter.

Skip Cohen
Skip Cohen has been involved in the photographic industry his entire career and previously served as President of Rangefinder/WPPI and earlier, Hasselblad USA. He founded in 2013. Skip is co-host for “Mind Your Own Business” and “Beyond Technique,” webcasts through, writes for several publications including Shutter Magazine and is actively involved in several advisory boards for non-profit organizations.

podcast with giulio sciorio

Giulio Sciorio & I Discuss Photography & Art

I had and in-depth chat with ‘G’ on a podcast called the Creator’s Path. It was quite interesting as we talked about many subjects including at what point a photograph becomes more than a photo? Bob Coates and I chat about intersecting photography with fine art painting, what it means to be a Certified Professional Photographer and a whole lot more…

creators path podcast logoThe Art and Craft of Photography – with Bob Coates

I hope you enjoy the thoughts shared in the Podcast. I know it got me thinking about how and what I do as a photographer and artist.

Yours in Creative Photography,    Bob

podcast with skip cohen

Podcast with Skip Cohen on Sprouting Photographer

Always fun chatting with Skip Cohen about the photography business. This is a chat about Embracing new tech in photography. Being a Lumix Luminary has moved me from being the last to jump into new technology to getting to try out new things that are changing faster than you can imagine.

sprouting photographer interview photoEmbracing new technology. Weekend Wisdom with Skip Cohen Listen here

With new ways of processing and capturing images in camera there are more tools at our beck and call then ever before. If you aren’t checking out some of the new ways to leverage these tools in your business you may be falling behind… Many cameras are now more like a computer with a lens attached. Time-lapse captures have never been easier with in-camera processing. 4K video allows you to capture video and pull still frames that can easily be printed to twenty inches. Again the 4K video can be leveraged to give you the opportunity to choose your focus point after the fact. I’m sure there are a number of cameras capable of many of the things I’m sharing here but, I’m familiar with the Panasonic Lumix cameras. The GH4, GX8, G7, FZ1000, LX100 and others are changing the way photographers work and the way photography is growing into the future.

Check out the podcast and let me know what you think…

Yours in Creative Photography,       Bob

kazm tech talk with mike tabback

Talking Photo Tech with Mike

This month’s chat includes…

Arizona PPA convention awards. (I made Arizona PPA Top Ten for the 16th time in 17 years) Pushing the envelope of creativity. Infrared imagery. Basics of photography exposure. How image judging works. Bob Coates Photography new web site. Lumix luminary & some new camera gear features.

kazm tech talk logoTech Talk with Mike Tabbac

imaging competition podcast

I was interviewed about participation in imaging competition in a Podcast put together by Mark Oehler called The Twelve Elements. We chat about my imaging submissions from last year where I was fortunate to have five of my eight image entries be added to the PPA Loan Collection and the rest made it to the Merit category.

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12 Elements Podcast

The next International Imaging Competition from Professional Photographers of America is coming up very shortly. Get your image entries ready. More PPA Competition information can be found here on the PPA web site.

I feel that participating in competition has helped to make me the photographer I am today.Even though I have my Master and Artist degrees from PPA I still entered again…

What are you doing to push yourself to make better images?

Yours in Creative Photography,     Bob