lens baby fisheye experiment

Da#M it!

I got all the way up the hill to the cliff dwellings and realized I left the fisheye from Lens Baby in the car. Gotta tell you I almost didn’t go get it. I also gotta tell you it probably isn’t such a great idea to run 15 minutes up a steep hill at 7500+ feet. I was sucking some serious wind when I got back up to the top.

Annnnyy waayy… I thought I try some different things with the fisheye lens because of the relatively small spaces in the caves. Once I got my breath back I mounted it on the Lumix GX8 and here’s what I started to play with.

lens baby fisheye image

Here’s a ‘straight’ Circular Fisheye image from the dwellings. The full fisheye effect is a little cut-off because of the micro 4/3rds format.

fisheye image at gila cliff dwellings

Gila cliff dwellings photo captured in a different way with  the Lens Baby

lens baby fisheye photo

Then I thought I’d try to push the envelope a bit further an do a panorama. Here’s the individual captures…

gila cliff dwellings panorama lensbaby

And the stitched image… Don’t try to have Photoshop stitch this for you it locked up on me. I guess the circular edges gave it fits so I did the stitching the old fashioned way… by hand with masks.

I enjoy trying new and different things and was surprised by the final result.



Have fun.

Make mistakes.


Yours in Creative Photography,      Bob