columbus skyline

Skyline of Columbus Ohio

I was off teaching outside of Columbus, Ohio in Dublin this past weekend. These days when I travel for business, I try to schedule some time for doing some photography on either side of the event. Weather doesn’t always work out for the best as plans are made in advance! But you take what you can get.

I was planning on photographing the Columbus skyline from the bridge at night with the river reflection. There were recent floods which left the banks mud-stained, the wind was blowing about twenty mph and, the skies were less than desirable. Other than that it was excellent! ; )>

The nasty weather didn’t stop me from making a few images from the area. I got to the Main Street Bridge and did the best I could. I’m still testing the Lumix G9 and its 80MP capabilities, and it impresses me.

columbus ohio skyline photo. bob coates photographyThis is a panoramic crop from an 80MP file. After cropping, the photo is ~ ten inches by thirty-six inches at 300dpi. A file size I could print to approximately seventy inches wide with no problem.
Lens 12x60mm Leica f2.8-4.0

columbus skyline photo cropThis is a tiny section of the skyline cropped to give you an idea of the detail.

I thought it might be fun to try and get the bridge in the foreground with the city in the background through the supports.

mian street bridge columbus ohio photoThis was made using the 8mm f3.5 fisheye lens.

detail of 80MP capture lumix g9 captureCrop section of moving car. The repetition is due to the multiple captures being made to create the 80MP file.

This image shows that capturing a moving subject during the exposure is not such a great idea. Or is it? I’m thinking about some creative possibilities in making a scene be devoid of people. Or just giving the hint of people in a scene. What about water photographed with a slow shutter speed?

I’ll be playing (er I mean working with) this large MP capture feature and let you know how it works out. If you’ve got any thoughts, ideas or examples of your testing, this feature, let me know.

Yours in Creative Photography,      Bob

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