When I was at the business, thinking and art campus of Wizard Academy in Austin, Texas I was interested in all the art dedicated to the campus mascot Don Quixote. Full size sculptures, small sculptures, paintings, drawings posters and more… Not even sure why I was doing it I found myself compelled to capture images of all the different Quixote renderings. When I returned to my studio I started messing about and created this piece.

Not even sure I know how many images are combined in this image titled ‘Don Q’.

It was a great exercise and practice in an art form I am constantly pushing to a new level. Just for fun I sent it to the Academy and they asked to print it as a large canvas and to make post cards for promoting education there.

The techniques I used on creating this image are the same that I teach in my ‘Photo-Synthesis’ seminar. (get a description here) Photoshop is the major software. Layers, masks, opacity, selections and Blend Modes play a big role in bringing it all together.

In a photography group? Want me to come speak? It’s possible Panasonic will cover most of my expenses as I am a Lumix Luminary. Call me to chat. Dates are filling up pretty quickly.

Yours in creative Photography,      Bob