International Photographic Competition – Part Deux

I received the following message from a fellow PPA Photographer re

Here are her comments.

“Bob, your images show your expertise and I absolutely agree with all you say. I will add one thought. The images you show in your article are for the Artist category. My thought is those entering for the first time might mostly be in the Photographic category. So maybe you can add some of your beginning ones that merited rather than your most recent advanced ones for perspective.

Some of my own frustration does lie in that critiques in the Photographic category often talk about changing backgrounds, etc. To me that should be in the Artistic competition since that is not “photographic”, but I understand there is not a way to monitor this, so anything goes in Photographic pretty much.

I think it is important to explain to entrants that even if your image scores a 74 let’s say, this is based on a professional standard and is “average among your peers” so it is not “average for anyone with a camera.”  So there should not be fear to enter because you might not be good enough. My thought is this, if I thought I was not good enough, I certainly would want to know that and learn. I would not be charging clients money for my work if even I thought I was not good enough. On another note even a score below competition standard of 65 might be a sellable client image in some instances, it just misses too many marks of the 12 elements for merit.”

Joanne Fabian
J Gray Fabian Photography
Souderton PA

Excellent thoughts from Joanne. I will pass on the idea about critiques and backgrounds to other PPA Jurors in the Photographic Open category. We are always trying to improve the experience of judging and providing feedback to members. (I am a PPA Approved Juror)

The images that I shared in the original post were ones that I had quick access to and wanted to illustrate the post. I took some time to dig back in through some older files for examples in the Photographic Open category that merited and some that made it to the Loan Collection and below a video of many of my entries over the years.

randy international photographic competition imge‘Randy’ – General Merit & Showcase Book 2006

enduring comfort image‘Enduring Comfort’ – General Merit 2009

variations on a theme cd cover‘Variations on a Theme’ – Loan Collection 2006

real estate images‘135 Painted Cliffs’ – Loan Collection 2007

tango toes image‘Tango Toes’ – General Merit 2007

I tend toward more of a commercial and fine art imagery in my business so these may be a little more ‘arty’ than other people’s entries. I’ll share a video showing most of my submissions from 2005 through 2015. Not all images made it to the merit category, but it will give you a good idea of my body of work over the years.

Bob Coates Photography IPC entries 2005-2015 (3:14)

Again I highly encourage everyone interested in improving their photography in an accelerated manner to participate in International Photographic Competition. Even if you did not enter this year spend some time streaming the IPC starting on Sunday, July 31 and continuing thru Wednesday, August 4th.

Questions, comments and other points of view always welcome.

Yours in Creative Photography,     Bob