Live Entertainment Photography – Anthony Mazzella Black & White

Many times if I want to check that I have a good solid image capture I convert to black and white to see how the tones do without the distraction of color. The fact that I produce advertising and marketing images for Sound Bites Grill makes me check that even more often as many of the images I create will end up in a newspaper in black and white.

I recently photographed the Legends of Guitar show at Sound Bites featuring Anthony. You can check the color images in my previous post. Here are the black and white versions.

anthony mazzella guitatist by bob coates photographyThis image still carries the blues feeling. I remember working hard to get Anthony in a spot where there was a separation light on his hat.

anthony mazzella guitatist by bob coates photographyShows the full line of instruments telling the story of the show.

anthony mazzella guitatist by bob coates photographyA little smoke machine action gives extra depth and dimension.

bob coates photography photograph of anthony mazzella guitatist Here’s one that needs the distraction of color. The hot spot of the light is too distracting in this image in black and white.

Check the color versions in the other post to get the most from this post. Images made with the Lumix GX85. The fact they removed the anti-alias filter give a better ‘grain pattern’ in my opinion. Makes for sharper images. And the five-axis image stabilization makes for better handhold ability in the low light.

Yours in Creative Photography,       Bob