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Since I am traveling so much and I got tired of switching out my Wacom tablet between my desktop and my laptop I needed to get a second tablet. So I ordered one from Amazon and it arrived today.

One word.


This tablet is small and portable for travel and staying hooked up to my laptop. But here’s a bonus. The model I bought is like having a giant touch pad to boot. It has the gestures available for scrolling, resizing, zoom ,swipe images and such. It’s the Intuos Pen and Touch Small Tablet and only having it hooked up only for a few minutes and I love it! It has the 1024 pressure sensitivity.

wacom tablet photo

Wacom Intuos Touch Tablet

If you use Photoshop a tablet is very important. Making selections with a track pad or a mouse can take you a lot more time and is not near as accurate as using a pen tool. The difference is akin to drawing with a rock or a pen and makes a huge difference. For under a hundred bucks I think this one is a great value. You can spend a bit less or a bunch more with the Bamboo or any of the other Wacom Products. I would only recommend spending more money if you would like a larger size or you are a graphic artist that needs the higher pressure sensitivity because you actually draw or use the airbrush…

Yours in Creative Photography,       Bob

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