new york images part duex

The air had a tinge of exhaust. People were hustling up and down the street like they had somewhere to go. The street was gritty with the remnants of the millions of feet hat had passed this way and that over the years.

And to a small town guy like me, it was almost sensory overload. I guess that’s why I made a lot of my images in high contrast black and white. To capture the scene yet simplify. It just felt right…. Here are a few images. Let me now what you think.

photo of Lumix Luminary Suzette AllenPanoramic image of fellow Lumix Luminary Suzette Allen on the deck behind Javitts Convention Center New York City made with in camera stitching.. Images on this page created with the Lumix GX7.

image of New York City buildingsAlmost everywhere you turn there are great combinations of beautiful lines, forms and tones when simplified to Black and White

black & white photo hailing taxiTraffic zooming by. You can almost feel the breeze of the taxis going by. Listen… Did she yell, “TAXI !!“??

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