“Standin’ on a Corner in Winslow Arizona, Such a fine sight to see…” Sorry, getting lost in the moment.

Staying at a beautiful property being restored to it’s former glory, La Posada Resort in Winslow, AZ. Very inspiring.

As I rest and listen to the grandfather clock chiming the time off in the distance I thought I would explore my vision of a stylized black and white in a square crop format. The the Lumix GX7 allows me to set everything in camera and see the finished image as it is captured. A square crop. The Black & white with my dialed-in style immediately, all very cool. NOTE: If you want this to be what actually see when you open up your images in your software make sure you shoot in jpeg! If you shot in RAW – as you download the images into your viewing software you will get a glimpse of your image as the camera settings said it should be but then that disappears and all the information that was presented to the camera will appear. Good-bye square crop, good-bye BW style etc… If you wish to be able to access the RAW info you can capture both at the same time. (another nice feature)

b;ack & white photoFront Porch at La Posada, Winslow, AZ facing the Railroad Tracks

Khent Anantakai photographKhent Anantakai classical guitarist plays at the Resort nightly. (wonderful self-taught artist)

Khent Anantakai Guitarist photoKhent Anantakai Guitarist

illustrative photo coffee Grand MarnierIllustrative Photo Coffee & Grand Marnier