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Shadow edge transition.     Origin and source of light.     Specular highlights.     Split light.      Rembrandt light. Harsh light. Soft light. Nummy light (that’s one of my own!). Inverse Square Law. Fall off. Lighting ratios.

When I started to study auxilliary lighting for my photography I found that seeing the light and working with the light became easier when I learned the language of light. The brain seems to need more ways of expressing what you see in words in order to expand possibilities.

The reason this comes up is because I am reviewing information to share with a couple of Pre-Convention classes I am teaching at ImagingUSA in Phoenix. This led to looking for other people to study from and some book selections that would be a good addition to anyone’s library.

Names to watch for when looking for photography lighting – Dean Collins who is only available through videos captured while he was touring. Some are online available via searching or you can order his complete set of Finelight Videos from Software Cinema Joe McNally, John Hartman, Tony Corbell, Scott Kelby, Mike Fulton, Fuzzy Duenkel and more…

Below a selection of some of my favorites…

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