You’ve probably heard me mention the Platypod as a camera support tool I’ve been using. They liked my stuff I shared with them so much they made me a Platypod Ambassador. As such, they share the cool deals and there’s one going on for the holidays.

Here’s the skinny

This is the Platypod Max Macro bundle. (link includes other Black Friday deals still available as well). It starts with the Platypod Max. It includes Litra lights and ways to get them into position with goose-neck arms. Leveling screws and ways to attach your Platy to railings and trees. All you need to add is a ball head which is easy using the built in 3/8’s threaded post. In addition, you get the Platypod Ultra which is great for getting stability out on the trails hiking when weight is a concern or when you are on location.

The $279 deal has all of this included so you can start to McGuyver too! Save $148

I wrote an article about McGuyvering with this stuff earlier this month. Check it out.

By the way, you save $148 bucks with this package.

If you have any questions give me a shout!

Yours in Creative Photography,         Bob