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International Photographic Competition – 2018

I have been just outside Atlanta with the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) helping to judge the International Photographic Competition (IPC). Since Sunday afternoon I have been working with some of the best photographers in the industry scoring entries for PPA members to learn and earn.

PPA International Photographic Competition

I am honored that I can be part of this system. Lots of work! Lots of rewards! The work is sitting at attention from Sunday afternoon through Wednesday at midday. The bonus is being in the presence of, and studying, incredible photographic images and then sharing thoughts and ideas with incredible photographers on how an image should score and why. Having to formulate the words to share with fellow jurors, and listening to, and processing their ideas, and coming to a consensus on the final score an image receives is an education in itself for the people participating.

The process itself is education. Prepping images for competition, getting feedback through the challenges that occur during the competition and the critiques that follow all make for a growing experience for photographers that participate. I feel that imaging competition has helped me immensely in becoming the photographer I am today.

I encourage PPA photographers to ‘get in the game’ and don’t stand on the sideline thinking that, ‘I’m not good enough, I’ll wait until I’m better to enter.” You enter the competition to become a stronger image creator and awards, Merits and degrees will follow.

Just as an FYI. I still participate in the competition to continue my growth even after twenty years of entering.

Here are my results from this year’s competition.

If you would like to see larger sizes f these images, you can check these two links.



Yours in Creative Photography,       Bob

PS – if you have any questions about the process give me a shout!

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