selby gardens

Flowers of all shapes sizes and colors often make a good subject for photographs. And if you can get to a place like Selby Gardens in Sarasota, Florida, all the better for having a pile of subject matter to pick from.

Since I’ve been all artsy-fartsy with the birds I’ve been photographing I thought it might be time for a little realistic imagery. Here are a few from the Selby Gardens botanical collection…

flower at selby gardens

Not sure of the name of this one but I love the color contrast against the soft background. Natural light filtered through foliage gave the soft lighting against the sunlight falling against the green leaves in the distance.

orchid detail photograph

Orchids are very interesting subjects. They almost look Sci-Fi to me especially when you get in close. Something from another world.

orchid throat with pink overtones image

Another orchid. These are from the Phalaenopsis family.

In order to focus closer to get these details of the throats of the orchids I added Vello Extension Tubes to the 35-100mm Lumix Vario f2.8 lens. Images made with the Lumix GH4

Yours in Creative Photography,         Bob

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