Photo/Art Quote

An interesting thought for today’s Photo/Art Quote from Freeman Patterson. It’s not really something I’ve thought about much over the years. I guess as I’ve been exploring photography as more of an artistic endeavor verses a realistic process I would be attracted to this thought.

freeman patterson quote“The camera always points both ways. In expressing your subject. You also express yourself.” Freeman Patterson

I’m going to guess that this is the reason if you give ten photographers the same subject to photograph you will end up with ten different images. I also believe that the story given when the subject is presented to a photographer can have a huge impact on the final outcome.

Witness Canon giving six photographers the same person to photograph who told each photographer a different story about his life and got six VERY different photographs in return.

Canon video of six stories and six results. One subject.

Spend some time thinking about this and please share your thoughts. This is one of those things that fascinate me.

Yours in Creative Photography, Bob