Be like the Energizer Bunny Rabbit ‘Eveready’!

Sometimes creating the great image is being aware enough and having good habits to not miss an opportunity. Today’s Photo/Art Quote comes from one of the top photographers in the field today. Listen and remember.

joe mc nally photo quote

“Don’t pack up the camera until you’ve left the location.”  Joe McNally

The idea is to stay aware of possibilities, and be ready for serendipity to strike at any moment. Simple thought. Great habit.

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Yours in Creative Photography,         Bob

PS Here’s the Meet Joe text from his blog.

“The thoughts, notions, and ideas here come from thirty years in the field as a shooter. Twenty plus on the road for National Geographic. LIFE staffer. Sports Illustrated contractor. 54 countries. 50 states. Read on, and welcome to my blog.” Check it out.