I hear you say when I tell you this mornings photo art quote is going to involve marketing and business. Please don’t be bummed – or afraid. If we don’t have the commerce, unless we are trust fund kids or have a sponsor, our art won’t get made…

photo art quote Brancusi“Art career goals make your career happen. To see far is one thing, to go there is another.” – Constantin Brancusi

Brancusi was a Romainian born sculpture artist and his words in the above quote should give us pause for thought. You can have all the vision in the world but if you don’t act on it you ain’t goin’ nowhere.

So this morning take a few moments to think about where you want to be with your art five years from now.

Go ahead think about it…

Spend a bit more time thinking about it.

Good! Now write it down these thoughts you had, Getting them down on paper starts to make them more have more weight. Become more real to you rather than some ephemeral dream.

Start the next step right away. If you want to be at a certain level with your art sales in five years where do you need to be in two and a half years? Where do you need to be in one year? How about six months? Next month? Ahhh, now we are getting to it. What do you need to be doing tomorrow and next week to get you started on the proper prosperous path?

Well what are you waiting for? Get to it! Set some goals.

Your in photography and art.         Bob