Sunday Photo/Art Quote – Make Money as Photographer

Thought it might be time for a little tongue-in-cheek humor for this Sunday’s Quote from an unknown author…

photo/art quote“The quickest way to make money at photography is to sell your camera.” Unknown

There’s always a kernal of truth in any quote like this!

Do you have a business plan? Do you buy gear thinking it will make you a better photographer? Think that new lens is the be all and end all? If you didn’t answer these questions properly then this quote might not be far off.

A suggestion for rules for new equipment purchases is to make sure a lens or new camera will pay for itself within one to three jobs and that you have an ongoing need for it. If not, and you really need a lens for a particular job, then off to the rental house you go…

If you are not thinking along these lines then this quote might not be far off for you.

Practice your photography with the gear you have and when limitations are apparant THEN it’s time to invest in new gear.

Yours in Creative Photography,         Bob