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Sunday Photo/Art Quote – Robert Henri

Thank you Helen Yancy!

Many times it is a small thought shared that opens large passageways of ideas. If you have attended any of my programs you know I am a fan of quotes from artists, photographers, inspirational speakers and authors. Helen was sitting right there in the front row and noting some of the quotes I had collected and was sharing in a slideshow before my program began.

She said, “Oh, you know of Robert Henri and his book The Art Spirit.“No,” I replied. She had seen one of his quotes go by on the screen and she said, “You really need to get that book and read it!”

So I did.

And, now I’m going to do for you the same thing Helen did for me. Get the book!

Here’s a quote from Henri…

robert henri art quote“When the artist is alive in any person… he becomes an inventive, searching, daring, self-expressing creature.” Robert Henri

When I took Helen up on her suggestion I had ordered the book but let it sit on my side table before grabbing it one day. OMG. There is so much inspiration packed into these pages I don’t know where to start. When I went back through my collection of gathered quotes I found four already in there… And soon I will be adding many more.

Henri pushes you to think in different ways about your art. He was an artist but he was known more for his instruction and influence of other artists who followed in his footsteps. As he said in his book, “I have little interest in teaching you what I know. I wish to stimulate you to tell me what you know.”

And, stimulate you he does.

You never know where the next piece of your education is coming from. One reason I love teaching is I get to learn so much, from my students.

Helen thanks again for the tip.I can’t wait to read it again and really absorb Henri’s message.

Yours in Creative Photography,     Bob

PS – By the way Helen is working on a book on the software program Painter with Amherst Media. If you are into Painter and want to push your skills you’ll be able to pre-order soon…

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