Business & marketing are as important as the art we create as photographic entrepreneurs.

I want to tell you of a very creative mind you can tap into via the Monday Morning Memo. His name is Roy Williams and he often talks about “Our kind of People” in his missives. If that doesn’t ring a bell right away hang with Roy for a few weeks and you’ll get the idea pretty quick. I believe really successful photographers tend to fall into his definition and I invite you to subscribe to MMM to pick up some inspiration, marketing and copy-writing ideas. Roy doesn’t suffer fools lightly but he does fool around quite a bit in getting his messages across.

I’ve picked one of Roy’s quotes for the photo/art quote today.

roy williams quote image “Every door of opportunity begins as a window in the mind.” Roy H. Williams

I’ll leave you to mull that over on your own… share your thoughts.

Yours in Photography,       Bob