Man the meal was awesome!

Got the recipe from my fellow photographer Jim Lersch near Branson, Missouri. (He does some top notch commercial work and a different way of photographing seniors… Don’t hesitate to see him speak or buy his educational materials) Man it was wonderful but I gotta tell ya Mushroom Risotto is not the dish to have as a side unless you cook it in advance. 25 minutes of stirring in the goodies will leave you with a cramp in your arm… The Pollo al Vin Cotta?? Freakin’ amazing!

Now how does photography fit in this post?? Well you know me and panoramas! Grabbed the Lumix GX7 and pano’d the all the food ready to go after the prep.

kitchen & food photoPanorama shot of the spread before the food was all combined.

photo of photographer Bob Coates in the kitchenMy wife grabbed the camera and caught me at the stove in my apron. ( I think she kinda liked that….)

Don’t  forget that memories pass in the blink of an eye. Make sure that you don’t forget to capture your own as well as your clients. Cheers!