Tuesday Painterly Photo Art – Helen Yancy

Tuesday’s on Successful-Photographer, now dedicated to the art of converting images beyond that of a photograph and converting the image in a more Painterly/Artistic direction. We’ll be taking to look at the artist/photographers who are forging their way forward in creating a new art form with photography at its base.

First up is a photographer Helen Yancy.

If you are a member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA) you have probably heard of Helen as she has been a stalwart of the organization having served on the Board of Directors and as President, and as a PPA Approved Juror and Jury Chair for many years. Helen has earned all the degrees and most awards offered by PPA.

Helen embraced Corel’s Painter Program to takes her images into the artistic realm and has been an instructor sharing her knowledge with fellow photographers ever since. Let’s take a look at some of Helen’s work.

helen yancy before imageHere is a before image

helen yancy after painter imageHere is the image after Painter. Helen said the panel of judges that viewed this were not for this treatment. When we are entering painterly images, we have to remember that art is very subjective.

helen yancy painter portraitThis painted photo is Helen’s granddaughter captured during a senior portrait session – Painter portrait in the traditional style – high key

helen yancy before cat photoYour subjects don’t have to be human. Pet portraits are good in this market. (Heck the subject doesn’t even have to be alive. I’ve done art pieces of buildings for businesses. ed.)

helen yancy cat portrait finalCat portrait painted by Helen

“Creating exquisite paintings from our images to a discerning clientele raise the perception of a photographer to that of an artist because the paintings truly are art pieces that will be a treasured investment for generations. There is certainly a learning curve, but learning to paint is possible for any photographer that has the desire. I will have a class soon in my camera room, very limited, and my book – Ordinary to Elegant: Painting with Photographs (or something like that) will be available for pre-sale on Amazon (published by Amherst Media) very soon.
Helen Yancy Commissioned Portraits
Where the camera is only the beginning…

helen yancy logo signatureSee more of Helen’s work here.

I hope you enjoy the new Tuesday Painterly series.

Yours in Creative Photography,     Bob