Sedona Wetlands – Part Two

The other day I shared some traditional images from the beautiful Sedona Wetlands off of Highway 89A on the right if you are heading to Cottonwood. Here’s some more info from the previous post.

In addition to the straight images, I like to try something just a little more creative. It can be fun to push the images to an artier level. I guess that’s a word because my Grammer checker gave me the word when I tried more arty in the sentence.

wetlands grassesHere are some wetlands grasses that are transformed into blended shapes and colors by moving the camera up while making the exposure.

Very different effects can be created by changing the shutter speed or the speed of movement of the camera. Experiment until you get the image for which you are looking. There can be many pleasant surprises along the way.

grasses with movement at sedona wetlandsHere’s an example of an even slower shutter speed than the image at the top of the post which allows the colors to blend into an even more abstract look.

zen grassI get a very peaceful, easy feeling (Que Eagles song) when I look at this simplified composition of some new grasses poking their heads through the water.

All images were made with the Lumix GH5 and the 100-400mm f4.0-6.3 Leica DG Vario-Elmar lens. This camera lens combo is one I am enjoying for any shooting situation that allows for a bit of distance between the subject and myself.

Yours in Creative Photography,        Bob