Sedona Wetlands

Difficult to believe that there are wetlands in the high desert of Sedona. But, there are! And it’s becoming one of my favorite places to test out new cameras and lens combinations.

The Sedona Wetlands Preserve is approximately 27 acres in Effluent Management Area 2, located south of the Sedona Waste Water Reclamation Plant.  The wetlands have six basins, with a total water surface area of approximately 12.2 acres or 9.6 million gallons. They basins are set up to have different depths of water from very shallow up to four feet which make for excellent habitat for a variety of critters. There are some thoughts for making sure all who go enjoy the experience, including the wildlife I pulled from the wetlands website.

Wildlife Viewing Etiquette
• Our viewing behavior can also harm the animals we are looking for unless we take special care.
• Please keep these considerations in mind.
• Observe from a distance, so the wildlife being watched are least disturbed.
• Never chase wildlife or pick up their young even if the parents are not visible.
• Leave feathers, eggshells, nests and even dead animals where you find them.
• Respect other viewers to avoid intruding on another person’s enjoyment.
• Limit the time you spend closely viewing any animal

I took the Lumix GH5 for a spin with the Leica DG Vario-Elmarit 100-400mm lens yesterday afternoon when I had a few minutes to work (er’ play) trying out the stabilization and handhold-ability with this combo. Remember, due to the Micro 4/3rds chip, I’m holding an 800mm equivalent lens and very comfortable with the resulting images.

ruddy duck in sedona wetlandsThis image is a severely cropped image of a Ruddy Duck which can be printed to about 18 inches square.
(see full size below)

ruddy duck wetlands of sedonaFull-size capture of the Ruddy Duck at the Sedona Wetlands

purple flowersThese flowers are quite small. Using the 100-400mm lens extended all the way gives an almost macro feel to the photo. The blooms are about the size of my thumbnail.

flower puff at the wetlands in sedona arizonaA tiny flower puff around the scale of a fingernail. It is kind of a life amongst past life with the fading buds.

In a day or so I’ll share some more images with a bit more of an artistic flair to them. This camera and lens combination is extremely versatile.

Yours in creative Photography,        Bob