formal hotel meeting room

Trying to add just that little bit extra… Been photographing the Phoenix Airport Hilton lately after their eight million dollar remodel. There are some photos it can be a little more difficult to make sexy but lighting and awareness can … Continue reading

wall of fame sound bites grill

There are two new inductees into the Sound Bites Grill ‘Wall of Fame’. The RD Olson Blues Band played last week and rocked (blued??) the house. High energy blues from this five piece band had people squirming in their chairs … Continue reading

phoenix airport hotel photos

Had another shoot at the Phoenix Airport Hilton Hotel. This time the lobby, Rimrock Bar and Grill, the executive lounge and a few other images for marketing the property were the targets. They just had an eight million dollar makeover … Continue reading

hotfoot at sound bites grill

The band Hotfoot out of Phoenix packed the house at Sound Bites Grill in Sedona last Friday night. Good sounds that make the feet move are the reason this five piece band filled the place. Wall of Fame image for … Continue reading

esteban color photo

Pre-visualization. And, the anatomy of post production of an image to meet the pre-visualization. That’s what we’re talking about today. I saw the final image in my head before I even made the photo. (if I could only get there … Continue reading

music cd packaging

Honored… That’s what I am when I am asked to help fellow artists, in this case musicians, to photograph and create images and packaging to help them sell their CD. Eric Miller and Ralf Illenberger are releasing a new music … Continue reading

images for phoenix airport hilton

Had a full day shoot for the Phoenix Airport Hilton. They are going through an $8M renovation with a complete redo of all the rooms and an update on all the common areas in the hotel. They have asked me … Continue reading