Woke up in the middle of the night thinking about possibilities. Love/Hate it when that happens!

Let me set the stage for this no pun intended.

Imaging USA in Nashville.

Huge Atrium with band across the way.

Playing with the Lumix FZ 1000.

Standing here with this view in the camera when it was set to it’s widest field of view. See the video here…

Opreyland hotel atrium IUSA closing party band

Opreyland hotel atrium IUSA closing party band.

Not really too much to get excited about right? WRONG!

Here’s why. Same camera. Same position. Zoomed in. Hand held. AND, the images below were pulled from video!

lead singer in band video still

Lead singer in band video still.

lead singer in band video still

Another version.

lead singer in band video still

Version three.

Here’s the beauty of this. These stills were all within moments of each other as the lighting was flashing and changing allowing me to select the moment when the lighting color was as I wished and the hair in place. Did I mention that this was captured hand held? The Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) is absolutely incredible. People were standing behind me or passing y a stopping with, “What camera is that???” popping out of their mouths when they saw the zoom range and stability on the back of the camera.

Is this camera promoted as a pro camera? Nope it’s a Bridge camera. Above an advanced amateur but missing some pro features. Does it have a place in a pros kit. You bet! At the very least the ultimate vacation camera. And I’ve found several uses for the reach and 4K video capabilities of this camera. Remember you can pull 8 mega pixel stills from 4K video…

OK now that I’ve written this post maybe I can get a nap to make up for the sleep I missed last night…

Yours in Creative Photography,        Bob

PS more images coming from the FZ 1000 soon…