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The capitol building in Austin, Texas was the subject of a quick photo shoot while in town to give a program at Precision Camera. I enjoyed the look of this hallway. The light and their reflections on the floor bisect the hall almost perfectly.

austin texas capitol hallway photoIt’s not quite a perfect mirror image… but that’s what makes studying this image interesting.

austin capitol dome photoThe capitol dome in Austin, Texas from the inside.

I was laying on the floor on my back shooting up at the dome. Wish I had taken just a bit more time to get perfectly centered to show the symmetry in all its perfection. This is an amazing, and fascinating, construction. At the very top you’ll find the star of Texas with the letters of the state in between the points of the star.

Always take time to practice different skills, ideas and techniques so that when the time comes to create a certain look in any situation you’ll already have an idea of the possible pitfalls.

Yours in Photography,     Bob