Fun shoot!

The Arizona Roller derby girls came to the the Arizona Professional Photographers Association meeting to add a little color for the photographers to shoot. A studio area for attendees to shoot during the convention was set up. The Roller Derby ladies got images to use for their promotion and the photographers got great animated models to put in front of their lenses.

Originally it was scheduled that the derby girls were going to have individual head shots for their promos but I wanted to take it a step further an see what kind of action we could put together. I think we got some ‘Bigger than Life’ images for them to use to promote their sport as well as some individual head shots… Wanna become an AZ Derby Skater? get more info.

Arizona roller derby photoAnita Alibi Poses for a head shot.

Arizona roller derby photoDucky Norris enjoys the spotlight.

Arizona roller derby photoSimulated action is when the fun begins… These girls know how to put on a show!

Arizona roller derby photoMore showtime from the derby girls.

Arizona roller derby photoTeammates!

It was a pleasure working with the AZ Roller Derby Team. They were really ready to put on a show and I’m certain that translates into great theater and sport in their matches! I’d love to do a full-on marketing shoot with the team!

What are you doing to stretch your education and practice of photography???

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Yours in Photography,         Bob