You know those little strings you get when you peel a banana??

bowl of bananas photo

Banana bowl.

When you ‘pop the top’ on a banana from the stalk end like we have all been taught there are often banana stringy thingys hanging on. Did you know if you slice the banana at the bottom and peel it toward the top you get almost no banana stringy thingys?? How many bananas have we peeled over the years and dealt with the strings when if we had done it in the opposite way they wouldn’t be there?

banana art image

Banana Art

As we are moving into the New Year let’s take a look at how we do many things within our our businesses. Look at everything with fresh eyes and see if we are dealing with ‘stringy thingys’ in our shooting. Things that we do all the time just because ‘that’s the way we’ve always done them’. Try something new… and/or make sure the way you are currently doing things the best way possible!

banana art image

Yours in Creative Photography,       Bob