While roaming the streets of Chicago during the Out of Chicago conference I was led to a place to capture a  ‘Batman’ image. One of the organizers was on our photo walk and had found this great spot to play with the architecture and come up with this…

batman image in chicagoCheck out the blue sky for the batman logo formed by the buildings.

batman logo photo in chicagoHad to experiment for a different look.

Using the Lumix GX7 with the 7-14 f4 Aspherical Vario lens (a sweet and sharp lens with no distortion) in Illustrative Art mode set to Black & White and under-exposed by about a stop led to this more graphic rendition on the same scene. Totally different feel don’t you think? Don’t be afraid to get in there and play with the camera presets, especially since you can tweak them Remember to shoot in RAW plus jpeg so you get the arty image as a jpeg but also get all the information present at the time of capture so you can tweak away in post for a totally different look.

How do you find it? Just go down the streets looking up everywhere you go – you’ll eventually find it! Actually you can head out on a photo tour with Teresa Peek of Tour Through a Lens. She was the one who hooked us up with this spot giving very specific instructions on where to stand and what to look for. I promised I wouldn’t tell so you can wander around looking for it on your own or check out her photo tours.

Yours in Photography,      Bob