When photographing birds I always try to spend enough time with them to learn some of their habits and behaviors. Spending time allows you to start to predict different things that will set your images apart. The prediction will be the difference between going, “WOW that was pretty cool!” and wishing you had been able to capture the image and getting the moment in your camera.

Once you start to study the birds behavior you start to see tell tale movements that will cue you in on the bird getting ready to take off or stretch or any number of things that will lead to more interesting images than a simple bird at rest. Here’s a couple examples of my Sandhill Cranes in motion.

sandhill cranes in motion

Sandhill Cranes in Sarasota, Florida.

sandhill crane art photo

Here the Crane is reaching for some seeds at the top of the vegetation.

Of course, once I get the raw photos it’s time to apply my ‘Photo-Synthesis’ technique to add texture, color and depth to the images. I use Photoshop. Add layers of texture and change Blend Modes to create the look.

Check back one post to see yesterday’s Sandhill Cranes in silhouette  and more ideas on photographing birds in nature including equipment used and getting set.

Yours in Creative Photography,     Bob