Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge – Part Four

Getting Artsy

When photographing a specific subject or area I always shoot for good solid captures at the beginning. After I know I’ve got some good work ‘in the can’, I see what I can do to push the creative ‘Artsy’ side. Here are some of those images.

Let’s look at some tracking flight images with the shutter speed set to a slow speed in this case most were at 1/250th sec. Images were captured handheld with the Lumix GX85 and the Lumix 100-400mm lens (200-800 35mm equivalent) Most were with the lens fully extended.

sandhill cranes photographed at takeoffSandhill cranes photographed at takeoff panning with slow shutter speed.

_1060178This technique adds lots of movement and an abstract feel to the images.

post processing added to this imageFurther into the art arena using additional post-processing techniques. MacPhun software Focus CK was used to bring more attention to the flight of the cranes.

sandhill cranes at bosqueCropped SOOC (straight out of camera) 1/40th SEC shutter speed.

sandhill crane art photoImage from above worked with additional post processing.

canada geeseCanada Geese on a flyby 1/1600th SEC shutter speed.

Experiment. Push. Play. Don’t be afraid to get an imperfect result in camera. Playing can lead to more interesting and personal image creations.

Let me know what you like, or don’t care for, in these images. I have an inquiring mind!

Yours in Creative Photography,     Bob