Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge – Part Two

You can take a peek at part one on the Bosque Wildlife Refuge shoot here.

Made four total trips into the refuge which included a couple of sunrises and sunsets. Here’s a tip I’ve found to be handy when photographing in the same location multiple times. Download the images you capture as soon as you can for review. When you have a look, you can tell if any settings need adjustment. Nothing worse than making the same mistakes two days in a row and not finding out how you might have improved until you get back home. I’ve been a pro for over twenty years, and I still find slight improvements can be made when making images in the same location on subsequent days.

Let’s look at some tracking flight images captured handheld with the Lumix GX85 and the Lumix 100-400mm lens (200-800 35mm equivalent) Most were with the lens fully extended.

sandhill crane in flightSandhill Crane in flight over the corn stalks.

sandhill cranes in flightFlying into the corn field getting ready for landing.

sandhill crane photoWings are flared to slow ascent.

sandhill cranes in flight photoOpposite synchronization of wing position. Mountains in the background with just a streak of sun add interest to the image.

sandhill cranes in flight photoTaking off from the cornfields heading toward the nighttime gathering area in the pond.

There are many ways to capture a different ‘look’ to a wildlife photograph even though the subject matter is the same. In this case, the subject is Sandhill Cranes, but all the photos have a different feel. The different look is accomplished with a change in position of the subject. Using a different background. Changing the crop can make quite a difference also.

I’ll be sharing more options and possibilities for differences with the same essential subject in subsequent posts. I look forward to hearing your thoughts as I move through this series of with the Sandhill Cranes.

Yours in Creative Photography,      Bob