Business Marketing Staff Photos

Looking for a way to better serve your business clients?

Here’s a way to make that happen and become more valuable to your clients. Many businesses have staff members that change regularly either through attrition or expansion. Whatever the reason keeping the marketing materials up to date can be difficult if your clints need to assemble the entire staff for a group photo every time there is a change in personnel it isn’t going to happen. You can save your clients money by being creative and offering solutions that meet their needs. Saving money for your clients also means an opportunity to earn more money for you.

facebook_header_sedona_integrative_medicineOriginal advertising photo for Sedona Integrative Medical Clinic

facebook & web header for sedona integrative medical clinicA staff change called for a new group but did not necessitate gathering all employees for a new group photo

sedona integrative medicine facebook headerAddition and expansion were shown again without unnecessarily disturbing the rest of the employees.

To make this work you need to keep notes on lens choice, distance from subject, aperture and lighting settings so there is a consistent look. Shadows and shadow edge transitions need to be consistent for this to look right when adding people to the scene. In this case, we choose a high key rendition because it was a health business. The high key white background has a clean clinical look that helps sell the business. If this was a more formal group, like a law office, I would have opted for a low-key or black background.

I photograph all subjects from both sides without changing lighting direction. This way when it comes time to build the composites I can place people on either side as things change.

With this system in place, the marketing materials can be kept up to date without disrupting the entire office. Each person is photographed individually. If someone leaves for a new job or, as in this case, new people are added to the staff during expansion images can keep up with the change. Being able to adapt the layout without involving the rest of the employees is key.

The individual photos can also be broken out as singular head shots for promotion and other placements in marketing for brochures and advertising collateral material.

These photos were created with the Lumix GH4 with Paul C Buff lighting. A 35″ foldable Octabox with a large silver reflector on the opposite side completes the look. A high key white background makes separation of the subjects for compositing easy. (here’s Photoshop tutorial technique that can help with extractions)

Yours in Creative Photography,     Bob