Headline star Stefanie Powers was featured at the Sedona International Film Festival including a meeting with the press in the media room and audience Question and Answer session ‘An Evening with Stefanie Powers’ at the Sedona Performing Arts Center.

When working with capturing expressions when people are telling stories you almost have to pretend you are shooting sports or wildlife. Study how the person moves, when they pause, what happens when they laugh. Do they throw back their heads or gently smile? When people are sharing stories they will often look up or down when trying to find the story inside their brain. Eyes don’t stay open as long etc. When photographing anyone but especially celebrities you want to make sure you are getting the optimum moment so they look their best. The Lumix GX7 was a great help in capturing expressions from this interview. NO lag time on focus and when necessary you can turn on the fast capture and get 10 fps. Even then you need to fire at the right moment to get a pleasing expression.

stefanie powers media photo at SIFFTiming was extremely important in getting good expressions during this interview.

stefanie powers during interview imageView of Stefanie Powers from behind the streaming video cameras in the media interview room at SIFF.

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Yours in Photography,       Bob