child blue eyes photo

On the riverboat cruise at the TNPPA Convention last week I happened across these blue eyes of a child sitting on his father’s lap. I was breaking in my use of a new lens to me, the Lumix G Leica DG NOCTICRON 42.5mm/F1.2 Lens. It is a sweet piece of glass. Enjoying the shallow Depth of Field These images are pretty much straight out of the Lumix GH4 camera with a small exposure adjustment. Be aware of beautiful light moments with wonderful subjects… But remember to ask if it’s OK to make the image.

blue eyed child photo
Dad’s blue shirt and his plain grey shirt along with the tight crop allow his eyes to take center stage.
blue eyed child image
He was getting a bit of extra direction from grandpa and others so we started to loose expression but I still think it’s cute.
Childs blue eyes photo
He was very cooperative but I’ll bet he was a bit on the tired side. He enjoyed seeing his photos on the back of the camera.
Yours in Photography,        Bob
PS I’ve lost my formatting on the upgrade to the latest version of WP. I’ll work on getting the old look back ASAP.

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