click con nation 2020/2021 speaker

ClickCon – A photography and videography conference where the community comes together to innovate, create, and collaborate.”

While the live event ClickCon 2020 has been postponed until next summer, they have collaborated and come together to create something quite innovative: a virtual educational conference that takes place not over one, two, or three days during one week a year, but rather a collection of educational days taking place for a full day, once a month, for nearly a year!

For my part I’ll be presenting an hour on my PhotoSynthesis program in October.

This is a dive into Photoshop as a creative tool to enhance images. I use this type of processing a lot and note that I am a Lens Based Artist.

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A year of photo education every Sunday. Or, the day you decide to watch! Get 20% off with code COATES15

“Taking your images to another level is one way to set yourself apart from other photographers. Bob has chosen to move his images to a more-painterly feel. He accomplishes this by fusing many images together utilizing a single subject blended with many textures from nature, decaying made-made items and everyday items found through serendipity. The result is an image that has depth and dimension and will often reveal different things to the viewer no matter how many times it is seen.

Learn more about the ClickCon Nation programing. I’m but a small part… If you use my code COATES15 you’ll get a 20% discount to sign up.

Yours in Creative Photography,      Bob

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