I get a warm feeling in my heart when I see this cold hummingbird…

hummingbird in snow on feeder photo

Humming bird on the feeder during snow in Sedona, Arizona

Why? Because I know the story of how this hummer (AKA ‘little shit’ because he chases away the other birds).

It’s my wonderful wife Holly. She was a big feeder of hummingbirds when we lived in the Virgin Islands to the tune of many pounds of sugar every week. (And may have single handed made it possible for many of the critters to survive after the 18 hour hurricane called Marilyn but that’s another story)

After being stopped, literally, by a hummingbird from cutting back some blooms she thought were past prime in our yard she started hanging a feeder for it after swearing many years ago to not start that again. Now we have four feeders. And because it has been going below freezing she is taking down the feeders after dark, sometimes trudging through the snow, and hanging then at first light.

She’s one special lady my Holly.

Yours in Creative Photography,       Bob