WOW! What great people in the Photographic Society of Chattanooga!

Taught an all-day class today, thanks to Panasonic Lumix being a sponsor, and prepping for tomorrow with an all day advanced Photo-Synthesis class and after coming back to my room after a wonderful dinner I received my favorite kind of email from one of the attendees…

Hi Bob,

I really enjoyed today’s seminar and am looking forward to the workshop tomorrow. I couldn’t wait to put some of the new knowledge I gained today into practice. Below you will see my before and after images. I am not happy with the birds, but as you taught today I saved my work in PS format so when I am fresh I can go back and tweak it.  I put my mouse away, used my Wacom and keyboard shortcuts, I need a cheat sheet!  I used 4 texture layers three with masks, an burn layer ( I learned about that today ;-) ) added a vignette and dropped in a few birds. I also increased the detail from my original image using topaz adjust.

Oh I forgot to set a timer and now need to move and stretch. Thanks again for such a great seminar!

Until tomorrow,

fishig pier

Here’s the original image © Rosemary Jardine used to start playing with ideas she learned in yesterday’s
Photo-Synthesis class at the Photographic Society of Chattanooga.

art by rosemary jardine

Art image using textures, blend modes and masks by © Rosemary Jardine.

Way to put the ideas to work Rosemary! Can’t wait to see where you take your images we talked about in class and what we’re going to learn about tomorrow in the advanced class! I figure you had a good basis to start… Hopefully some of my thoughts spurred you on to this, and more, creativity….

Your in Creative Photography,      Bob