Mirrors are funny critters… They will lie to you as you look at them thinking, “Wow, I look good!” Whoops! wrong blog post. Back to our regularly scheduled conversation…

The focus point in a mirror is on a totally different plane than the frame that contains it. Been caught by the, photographed the bride in the mirror and found either the subject you wanted to have in focus in the glass or the surrounding area surprisingly out of focus?

Here a possible work-around when you would like to have everything in focus but don’t have time to get on a tripod with a really small aperture. And even if you had time to do that you still might not have enough DOF to make it work. This is an extreme example with several focus points in play. The background which has the sign telling us where we are. The side view mirror on the car. The side view mirror. And the convex utility mirror for helping to keep the driver out of accidents. All are important to telling the story I want to share so I made an exposure for each of those individual surfaces then blended them together in Adobe Photoshop. Here’s the result…

sedona scenic image with mirrorThe assembled photo with all the pertinent information in focus. Bell Rock Vista in Sedona, Arizona.

bell rock vista image in car mirrorHere are the raw captures before assembly.

Photographed with the Lumix GX7 and the 35-100 f2.8 Vario Lens while focusing through the range of the scene.

Now how about that bride shot with mom reflected in the mirror and crying???

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Yours in Photography,      Bob